Introducing Wonderscope

Wonderscope is an augmented reality (AR) iOS app for kids that transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories.

From the team of artists and developers at WITHIN, the premier destination for innovative, entertaining, and informative story-based virtual and augmented reality.

The vision for Wonderscope is to utilise the latest technology in voice-driven AR to create a new type of experience, one which empowers children with narratives designed to encourage movement, reading aloud and exploration like never before.

WITHIN felt that PRELOADED’s expertise in kids audience and immersive content made us perfect partners to help realise their vision, joining forces with their LA-based team to conceive and develop the product’s launch content: A Brief History of Amazing Stunts by Astounding People.

Wonderscope promotes a new kind of screen-positive experience, one that opens you up to everything and everyone around you”

Chris Milk

Non-fiction storytelling

A Brief History of Amazing Stunts by Astounding People is Wonderscope’s launch content, showcasing how AR can drive a whole new approach to “spatial storytelling” and transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories.

The story responds to a child’s movement and voice—including lines of dialogue that are highlighted as a child reads them aloud—showcasing the platform’s unique potential to elevate early childhood learning.

PRELOADED’s vision was to bring to life stories which simply need to be seen, and experienced, to be believed. Written by Beth Garrod, the story allows children to take part in three of history’s most impossible stunts, and meet and interact with the real people that made them happen.

The first stunt brought to life is Betty Bromage, an 88-year-old grandmother who stood on the wings of an airborne bi-plane. Betty broke her own record for becoming the world’s oldest female wing-walker (yes wing-walker!), taking to the wing of a bright yellow 1944 Boeing–Stearman.

The next character the audience meets is Helen Gibson, a daredevil who was known as Hollywood’s first stuntwoman during a lengthy career playing an important role in feature films at the start of the 20th century.

Our final character is Charles Blondin, the larger than life Frenchman who in 1859, who became the first person to tightrope across Niagara Falls.

Each stunt shines a light on the incredible human story behind the stunt, but we also wanted to create an emotional connection with the characters. The “Look At” feature approximates the experience of eye-contact with characters, deepening the emotional connection and sense of participation in the story.

Our stories tap into children’s natural inclination to learn by doing, and they get the added joy of helping characters along unique journeys”

Samantha Storr
Executive Producer of Original Content, WITHIN

A new approach

The principal challenge of putting digital content into a physical space is making it feel both part of the world, but also being bold enough to clearly stand out.

The Art Direction for this project was developed with readability in mind, utilising a strong sculpted physical form, inspired by vinyl toys. Bright palettes and chunky characters and props ground the elements in the world, whilst being bold enough to draw attention. The result is a world that just begs to be played with.

Wonderscope is built using Apple’s ARKit, and available on iOS devices now.

We loved working with PRELOADED. Everything from their decks, to their animations, and their interactive sensibilities surprised us with their joyfulness, playfulness and minute attention to detail”

Jonny Ahdout , Director of Development, WITHIN

BAFTA - Children's Awards Digital
Bologna Ragazzi Digital Awards - Best AR

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