We are a full service, immersive games studio working across every stage of development.

Whether it’s early-stage consultancy, R&D, product development or live operations, PRELOADED is the perfect partner to make your vision a reality.

Early-stage Consultancy

Through collaborative design sprints, we help your team explore the audience possibilities enabled by new technologies.
Utilising our playful design practices, we synthesise business and audience requirements to support partners with go-to-market strategies and purposeful play propositions.

R&D / Prototyping

Working closely with your team and SMEs, we develop tangible concepts and prototypes ready to be tested and validated with the target audience.
Our prototype designers are highly experienced in operating at the edges of new technology, crafting intuitive experiences that find the fun!

Product Development

We run a highly professionalised and platform-agnostic development practice that ensures quality, stability and longevity of our products.
We work across real-time, web and mobile app engines to design, develop, test, install and launch games and XR experiences.

Platform Evolution & LiveOps

We support our partners on everything they need to build, run, maintain and grow their products and experiences over time.
Our LiveOps and measurement frameworks help our clients understand audience engagement, measure against KPIs and grow their platforms exponentially.

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PRELOADED are amazing: supremely talented, incredibly professional, and best of all, fantastically nice people. An absolute delight to work with!”

Alice Taylor , VP, Content Innovation, The Walt Disney Studios

What is unique about PRELOADED is how they combine their craft for creating exceptional software with an audience and insight led approach. A perfect partner for LEGO.”

James Norwood , Senior Concept Manager, Creative Play Lab, LEGO

Together, we’re innovating the next generation of computing and entertainment, and studios such as PRELOADED are crucial to defining that future.”

Rio Caraeff , Chief Content Officer, Magic Leap