What is your weapon of choice in a Zombie apocalypse? We bet most people are unlikely to answer ‘a kitbag full of footballs’, but after playing the newest game release at TOCA Social, you may well want to reconsider that.

Introducing ‘Zombie Attack’ – the newest game launched at TOCA Social adding yet more variation to your game experience.

The premise is simple – fend off the advancing Zombie hoard with your perfectly placed football attacks and survive for as long as you can. The more zombies you kill, the more time you get. Easy, right? So who can use their silky skills to last the longest?


Where it gets super spicy is in how the game is designed to increase the pressure and build up the sense of impending dread. If the wandering undead wasn’t unnerving enough, PRELOADED were able to work with TOCA to change aspects of the ball release to amplify the stress.

Unlike previous TOCA Social games which featured both a set ball release frequency, and also the need to have returned a ball before you got the next one, ‘Zombie Attack’ works a little differently. This time, ball delivery happens whether you have returned the previous one or not – no hanging around on this one!

To make this even more pulse-raising, whilst things might start at a nice sedate pace, the time between ball releases gets shorter the longer you play! Add in special power-ups and explosive Zombie-obliterating bombs, and by the end Zombie Attack will have your heart racing and will test your control, accuracy, power, and positioning like no other TOCA Social game.

Zombie Attack will have your heart racing and will test your control, accuracy, power, and positioning.


PRELOADED are delighted to continue our long-standing partnership with the amazing team at TOCA Social. It is a wonderful partnership that collaboratively explores the new and innovative gameplay opportunities that add excitement and thrilling social experiences, whilst also testing the edges of a player’s football skills.

It is a huge testament to the massive success of TOCA Social that this team is always keen to explore the new methods of play – challenging players in new ways and adding hugely to the enjoyment of their time at TOCA Social.

TOCA Social has recently announced plans to expand into other territories, striking a partnership with Ventura to bring TOCA Social venues to Mexico.

So get yourself to a TOCA venue, grab yourself one of their new Zombie Skull cocktails, and try it out for yourself!

TOCA Social and PRELOADED's partnership is exploring new and innovative gameplay that add excitement and thrill to the social experience.

We worked with PRELOADED to develop all four of our TOCA Social games for the launch of our first venue at The O2 in London. They were supportive, thoughtful and creative partners. We loved working with them, and it has been exciting to see the games being so well received by our guests.”

Alex Harman , President of TOCA Social