Introducing Wonderscope

Following our award-winning collaboration, PRELOADED were thrilled to again team-up with WITHIN to create Wonderscope’s newest augmented reality storybook: Clio’s Cosmic Quest, an intergalactic educational adventure that launches children into space.

Wonderscope is an augmented reality (AR) iOS app for kids made by Within that transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories. Within approached PRELOADED to develop the app’s first fully immersive story. Clio’s Cosmic Quest joins the growing catalogue of read aloud, interactive adventures, which allow children to converse with characters and play an active role in the narrative.

With Wonderscope, we want to encourage children to explore a story in a completely new way”

Chris Milk

Digital Storytelling

Clio’s Cosmic Quest invites children to make the brave journey into space where they meet Clio, a tiny particle of stardust, who one day dreams of lighting up the universe as a big, beautiful star. Tasked with helping her, kids immediately encounter Lewis, a big bully who pushes the other nebula around, asserting that he is the only one destined to become a star. 

Clio responds to a child’s movement and voice as they explore the galaxy and talk to the various planets they meet, both encouraging children to hone their reading skills and elevating them to one of the central characters in the story. 

Together they meet the sun, bring the nebula back together and ultimately stand up to the bully so that Clio can fulfil her dream of becoming a star.

This digital storybook provides a safe space for a child to explore the story’s themes, allowing them to expand their emotional intelligence and, as they grow in confidence to take on Clio’s bully, learn resilience.

In Clio’s Cosmic Quest, we’ve written lines for kids that teach them how to handle bullies, stick up for what they believe in, and be there for those that need help”

Johnny Adhout
Director of Development, WITHIN

Learning in AR

Wonderscope’s voice recognition system is built to understand and nurture confidence in readers at a wide range of levels, facilitating different dialects and accents. The story guides the reader with visual and aural feedback, highlighting words, and featuring characters making eye contact and reacting expressively to the words the child speaks. 

Through spatial storytelling, kids are taken on a mesmerising journey through the galaxy, learning all sorts of scientific facts and engaging with a fully interactive solar system. The finished product is a seamless synthesis of STEM-learning, kinesthetic learning, exploration, reading, confidence building and storytelling. 

Wonderscope is built using Apple’s ARKit, and available on iOS devices now.

Augmented reality allows us to take abstract scientific concepts and make them concrete”

Samantha Storr
Executive Producer of Original Content, WITHIN

We loved working with PRELOADED. Everything from their decks, to their animations, and their interactive sensibilities surprised us with their joyfulness, playfulness and minute attention to detail”

Jonny Ahdout , Director of Development, WITHIN

Kidscreen Awards – Best Learning App—Original

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