Tongsville was created for quirky film and video producers Hammer & Tongs, best known for their music videos and TV ads, and more recently the big screen version of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. The brief requested that the site remained deliberately unspecific as to what Hammer & Tongs do, but to contain enough film and television clues to allude to the nature of their business. It was decided that a site that had an explorative nature whilst being original and innovative would encourage visitors to spend more time experimenting with the features of Tongsville.


The site was built using a city environment as its metaphor, featuring buildings containing specific content and an array of randomised and hidden elements to encourage repeat visits and exploration. The main city is built in Flash and a microcosm of life with new events happening on each visit. The weather is designed to be the same as that in London by using up-to-date weather report data – so if it’s raining in London, it will be raining in Tongsville. The length of each day and the phase of the moon are calculated using the longitude and latitude of the Hammer & Tongs offices, allowing the city to gradually change from day to night appropriately.

A true labour of love, Tongsville garnered several awards and nominations, and paved the way for a wealth of copycat townscape sites.

SXSW - Best of Show
SXSW - Best Film/Film Industry Site

Award recognition

BAFTA - Best Entertainment Site
BIMA - Best Use of Internet
Flash in the Can - Best Game
IVCA - 3 categories