Trend Report: Location-Based Play

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Find out how AR and geospatial technologies are transforming how we interact with our physical world, in our latest New Play Space report.


Learn about the location-based play patterns which are bringing audiences together, transforming their world and changing their behaviours.

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    Bringing people together

    The play patterns which are enabling social, creative, collaborative and competitive experiences.

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    Transforming our world

    The play patterns which use the transformative power of AR to bring our digital & physical worlds closer.

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    Creating new behaviours

    The play patterns which are changing how we learn, shop, exercise and live our lives.

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Credits: Local Lenses: City Painter (Snapchat), AR Flowers (Historic Royal Palaces / PRELOADED), Pikmin Bloom (Niantic / Nintendo).


PRELOADED is a BAFTA-winning games studio working in XR, connected play and geospatial technologies.

We build games and immersive experiences to help organisations such as McDonald’s, Disney and BBC reach mainstream audiences, and partner with technology platforms such as Niantic, Magic Leap and Google to imagine the future.

Our New Play Space reports explore the playful possibilities for audiences created by new technologies.

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