Zero Threat

(Eukleia / Preloaded)

The dangerous forces of cybercrime are simulated in this tense, turn-based training game for corporate employees.

The brief

Eukleia is a specialist governance, risk management and compliance training company. As a sister-company and part of Learning Technologies Group, they were the perfect partner to collaboratively tackle the global issue of cyber security.

For Eukleia’s roster of international clients, many of whom operate in the financial sector, the stakes could not be higher. Cyber criminals target every level of an organisation, so cross-generational appeal was essential, requiring a high-quality training game to increase engagement, convey the bigger picture and give learners the opportunity to see the impact of their actions.

Our response

The key challenge in training cyber security vigilance is that the vast majority of cyber threats are largely invisible. Our aim was to combine instructional design, game design and the highest-quality visual execution to bring this battle to life, make it tangible and evoke an emotional reaction to increase engagement and therefore retention.

Players are under attack and must protect the data in their network at all costs by choosing which proactive countermeasure to play and where. The game board, seen as a collection of interconnected nodes, represents the moving parts of an organisation’s real-world network: mobile phones, laptops, servers, cloud storage and of course the staff themselves. The strength and frequency of incoming threats – from social engineering to browser attacks – gradually ramps up, leading to outbreaks that steal data and spread throughout the network.

Drawing on familiar tropes from card games, the interaction is incredibly straightforward but takes time to master, inviting learners to replay in pursuit of higher scores, bringing them into repeated contact with the full range of learning content. The more players learn about threats, outbreaks and countermeasures, the better they will perform and the more rewarding their experience.

Being more closely related to the games they play when travelling to work than traditional eLearning courses, employees will be compelled to engage. The rich visual effects aren’t simple eye candy for players, but carefully designed to create dramatic tension that drives home the impact of cyber security flaws.

This online game is accessible via the majority of Learning Management Systems so learner progress and key decisions are logged every step of the way. Alongside Rustici and Watershed, two other world-leading SCORM and learning measurement companies also part of Learning Technologies Group, we have integrated the very latest tracking technology to generate remarkable insights for managers.

It might sound obvious, but keeping it simple was the key; simulating the real-life relationship between incoming threats and mitigating actions in an engaging format will lead to behaviour change and positive habit building that is directly applicable in a day to day work environment.

"We loved working with Preloaded - creative, laser focused and real partners to us in creating our first true game. We're delighted with the result and feedback from our clients has been exceptional."

Patrick Thompson, CEO, Eukleia