We are thrilled to announce our partnership with TOCA Social for the launch of their groundbreaking immersive football venues. Opening its debut site at the London O2 in 2021, TOCA Social is the world’s first social football entertainment concept, transforming how we meet and play through food, drinks and interactive games based around the world’s most popular sport.

As game development partner, PRELOADED is working with TOCA Social to craft cutting-edge, competitive games that are simple, fun and shared. PRELOADED’s low-threshold design of the end-to-end visitor journey will allow players of all levels – regardless of football ability and interest – to connect with the wider TOCA Social experience. 

Utilising proprietary TOCA Smart Sight technology and the TOCA Touch Trainer, a revolutionary training machine that delivers footballs with a variety of speeds and trajectories, the site-specific games provide a rich variety of gameplay to delight the broad target audience.

Phil Stuart, Creative Director at PRELOADED said: “We‘re thrilled to be part of TOCA Social’s journey. Location-based play is at its best when shared. And together with TOCA Social, we have developed an immersive experience that we believe will totally change the game for social play.”

Alex Harman, President of TOCA Social said: “PRELOADED has been a fantastic partner for TOCA Social. Their games are fun, accessible and engaging and we are very excited to share them with the world.”

For more information TOCA Social, visit their website here

Hattie Foster

Hattie is Strategy Director at PRELOADED. She explores the meaningful application of technology and games for engagement within arts, culture and beyond.