We are thrilled to announce our partnership with BBC Studios and their award winning Natural History Unit.

BBC Earth – Micro Kingdoms: Senses for Magic Leap is a new mixed-reality experience that offers audiences a chance to interactively explore incredible micro habitats from the natural world. This experience will use the unique capabilities of Magic Leap to bring people face to face with inhabitants, revealing the invisible senses that guide their behaviour and help them survive.

Developed by PRELOADED in collaboration with BBC Studios and their Natural History Unit and funded by the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program, the experience follows last year’s BBC Earth: Life in VR, developed by the same team and winner of the 2018 Google Play Award for “Best VR Experience”.

BBC Earth – Micro Kingdoms: Senses for Magic Leap is set to launch early 2020 on Magic Leap One. 

Rio Caraeff, Chief Content Officer, Magic Leap said “We’re pleased to welcome PRELOADED & BBC Studios to the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program, and are looking forward to working with their team to facilitate their launch into our diverse ecosystem of experiences,”

“Together, we’re innovating the next generation of computing and entertainment, and valued Creators such as PRELOADED & BBC Studios are crucial to defining that future.”

Doug Hope, Executive Producer, BBC Studios Natural History Unit said “The ambition of the BBC Studios Natural History Unit is always to connect new audiences in new ways to the wonders of the natural world  – and in working with PRELOADED on this exciting new project we are achieving that in groundbreaking new ways.”  

Head of Digital Entertainment & Games for BBC Studios, Bradley Crooks said “We’re thrilled to be partnering with PRELOADED to bring our joint interactive and creative skills to such an exciting new platform and technology.  Our natural history team has always used new technologies to tell stories and Mixed Reality and the Magic Leap headset presents us with new possibilities to engage our audiences with the natural world.”

Founder and Creative Director for PRELOADED Phil Stuart said “We’re excited to be exploring the possibility space for storytelling in mixed reality and to be working once again with the BBC to use immersive technologies to give audiences incredible access to our amazing natural world.”

BBC Earth – Micro Kingdoms: Senses for Magic Leap is a PRELOADED & BBC Studios co-production.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor is Managing Director at Preloaded. She is passionate about the transformational power of AR, VR and games, building teams and getting big projects off the ground.