The Games for Change Festival is a key industry event celebrating the real impact that games and XR have on audiences across the world. This year, PRELOADED hosted a session with experts from Disney Parks, Niantic and the LEGO Group to dive in the role of XR and how the rapidly evolving technology landscape is reshaping the possibilities for play.

How do we capitalise on these emerging and converging, technologies to engage, inspire and educate kids and family audiences? How do we create experiences that enhance our world without distracting from it? Hear from Phil Stuart, Kelly White, Brian Schwab, Ebby Wahman, Valerie Vacante and Alexandria Heston as they dive into the challenges and possibilities of the New Play Space.

The session is now free to watch below. If you are interested in the future of play, read more about the New Play Space.

Phil Stuart

Phil is PRELOADED's founder and Executive Creative Director. He is passionate about the possibility space created by emerging and converging technologies, and inventing new forms of play with purpose.