Trend Report: Future Audience Engagement

Find out how Community Play is driving audience engagement, in our latest New Play Space report.


Bringing people together

Discover how play is facilitating communities on Web3, decentralised blockchains and virtual worlds.

Empowering collective action

Explore the play patterns empowering collective action through creator-led tools and experiences.

Rewarding digital achievements

Learn about play-based models rewarding superfan knowledge and loyalty in tangible ways.

Download the report below and learn why the next generation of the internet is driven by Community Play.

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PRELOADED is a BAFTA-winning games studio working in XR, connected play and geospatial technologies.

We build games and immersive experiences to help organisations such as McDonald’s, Disney and BBC reach mainstream audiences, and partner with technology platforms such as Niantic, Magic Leap and Google to imagine the future.

Our New Play Space reports explore the playful possibilities for audiences created by new technologies.

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