Bring the natural world into your world.

Together with narrator Stephen Fry, get up close to insects and arachnids and reveal their extraordinary senses which help them survive and thrive. Available now on Magic Leap.

Magic Leap headset with BBC Earth ant on top

“The ambition of the BBC Studios Natural History Unit is always to connect new audiences in new ways to the wonders of the natural world – with this project we are achieving that in a way that we never dreamt was possible”

Doug Hope, Natural History Executive Producer
BBC Studios

Animals in your world

Using Magic Leap’s spatial computing technology, we bring a Leafcutter ant colony and a Wandering spider into your world space.

Authentic Behaviours

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) we recreated the animals’ behaviours, allowing you to experience in real-time how they react to their world and your presence.

Active Storytelling

Utilising a dynamic story-engine, we delivered an active experience which responds to your world space and your interactions.

Visualising the Invisible

By visualising the incredible senses which these animals possess, we can go beyond what in conventional natural history storytelling.


Micro Kingdoms: Senses - Launch Trailer

Forgaging Leaf Cutter Ants

The nuptial flight

Wandering Spider encounter

Wandering Spider stalking its prey

Micro Kingdoms: Senses - Making of

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