The Making of Rugged Rovers

Over the course of the past year, we’ve been busy creating an interactive installation for the Science Museum’s Engineer Your Future exhibition which opens to the public on the 17th December 2014 and will run for the next three years. The result is Rugged Rovers, which asks players to design an exploratory space rover that can navigate the rocky and diverse terrain of another planet!

HRH Prince Charles launching the Engineer your future exhibit

Prototype to find the fun

We always prefer to prototype the core concept of our games to test how well an idea works before we start creating the full game. With Rugged Rovers, we created a “grey box” prototype - which simply means we’re focusing on the mechanic and interactions only, with no slick, polished art involved - which was tested both by our internal team and with real visitors at the Science Museum.

Like ...

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Maintaining Presence - Virtual Reality developers’ responsibilities

In this post we discuss how we have to treat players in VR and what that means for the design of our games. 

As game developers we need to approach VR passionately but with caution. In such an absorbing environment we have a responsibility to take care of players, in order to allow them to be fully immersed (maintaining “presence”). We also have to be aware that such an intense experience can have both positive and negative effects. 

VR Basics

Developers all over the world have been working as a community trying to solve some of the common problems and technical design issues with VR. Oculus VR Best Practices Guide is an excellent read, and Enter The Rift also has some guides on various elements of games.

The player’s first step is to properly calibrate their HMD, so it’s best that you guide players through this process. On ...

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Inspirational school visit

The 2nd May 2014 will be a date to remember for the class of students from Sydenham School for Girls, South London, when they visited us at Preloaded. Described as a potentially life-changing event by Head Teacher, Carolyn Unsted, the group of ten girls and their teachers had a ball when they got to not only tour the studio and learn about our different roles, but got to join in on a very real design workshop too.  


The session started with an introduction to games development, explaining the different roles within the studio, roughly how the process works, and how they could look at game development as an exciting and tangible career aspiration, especially for girls.

It was a revelation to them about the scale of development, where some games have one or two team members, others can have upwards of 50. We discovered some things from them too ...

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Preloaded and the future

Yeterday we made a big announcement. Before the dust settles, I wanted to share my thoughts on why we’ve made this move and what it really means for Preloaded.

Preloaded's history has been one of constant refining. We’ve never stood still and have constantly adapted to meet the challenges of our clients and the passion of the team. We are now proud to call ourselves an applied games studio, made up of some of the most talented people in the games industry. What gets us up in the mornings is our passion for making games that improve people's lives by helping them better understand the world around them.

Our remit of making games with purpose has pushed us to the forefront of developing games that challenge and redefine what games are, and we can do this thanks to our amazing clients and the faith they put ...

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LTG has acquired Preloaded

Preloaded is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG).

Following 14 years of successful growth as a standalone business, the award-winning applied games studio will be joining the group of comprehensive and integrated learning technologies providers. 

The move will diversify Preloaded’s client base, which currently includes clients such as Amplify (a subsidiary of News Corp), Disney, Science Museum Group, Wellcome and the BBC, and will provide Preloaded with a robust foundation to progress as specialist providers of games with purpose with increased international presence and cross-selling opportunities within the group.

CEO of Preloaded Paul Canty said: “Joining LTG underlines our continued efforts to take our award-winning games to new audiences and new sectors. LTG provide both the reach and the capital to do so, and an exciting opportunity for us become a truly global player in the Games with Purpose space.”

Preloaded ...

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