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Our Games

Happy Studio

A purposeful play platform that delivers epistemic learning to children in over 40 countries.

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Biodiversity and genetic mutation are brought to life in epic battles as players take control of a leafcutter ant colony

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Rugged Rovers

Think like an engineer in this multi-platform, multi-player game of design where robots race each other across treacherous terrain

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Story Cards: Duel

This beautiful, character-filled game of head to head battles lets young learners lay down literary challenges in solo mode or against friends

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Cell Strike

Take control of the human immune system and do battle against bacteria and infection

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Mlob Rule

Master your fractions in this tactile, turn-based puzzle game where math skills are key in the battle for Fractopia

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Story Cards

The weird and wonderful characters of famous books are brought to life in a magical campaign showing students the joy of reading

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Crafty Cut

A handy puzzle game helping students get to grips with geometry and the relationship between 2D and 3D objects. Cut some shapes!

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Neuroanatomy hits the jackpot with 3.5 million plays in one month. This game about brains took Wellcome Trust’s message to the masses

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How will robots, synthetic biology and climate change affect our future? A suite of games for Science Museum makes it fun to find out

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The End

This complex multi-level game brings death to life, helping teens make sense of life’s big philosophical issues

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High Tea

Exercise your powers of negotiation and risk-taking to keep Britain happy in a trading game with a twist

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Adopting a product approach

In 2014 we wrote about iBeacons and, judging on the response, the promise of this technology clearly captured the imagination of museums, galleries and science centres around the world. Two years later, leading institutions are sharing their findings. As you’d…

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  • Our @Jemma_Harris is heading back home to @TeessideUni to review this year's Journeyman projects @TeessideUniSAM. Expecting great things!

  • The votes are in and we're very pleased to announce that 75% of you lot are correct; @sciencemuseum's Launchball is indeed coming to HTML5!

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