New ways
to play

Find out how the immersive landscape is reshaping the possibility space for kids' play, in our latest New Play Space download.


This download provides an overview of the key immersive play trends which are shifting audience expectations, and where PRELOADED believes they will head next

  • football

    Blurred realities

    How XR technologies continue to blur the lines between our digital and physical worlds.

  • Center_img

    Real-time interactivity

    How 5G and real-time production tools are transforming self-expression and interactivity.

  • mario

    Invisible technologies

    How toys and ‘invisible’ technology are creating new possibilities for play.

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Credits: Baymax Dream: Fred’s Glitch (Disney Television Animation), NFL AR (Nickelodeon) & Mario Kart: Live AR Racing (Nintendo)


PRELOADED is a BAFTA-winning games studio working in XR, connected play and geospatial technologies.

We build games and immersive experiences to help organisations such as McDonald’s, Disney and BBC reach mainstream audiences, and partner with technology platforms such as Magic Leap, HTC and Google to imagine the future.

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