Biodiversity and genetic mutation are brought to life in epic battles as players take control of a leafcutter ant colony

The brief

Amplify is a US-focused educational publisher reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn. At the heart of this ambition is a groundbreaking digital curriculum for 4th and 5th grade pupils. We’ve been working with Amplify on a series of Maths, English Language, Arts and Science games for a variety of platforms.

As part of their focus on Science subjects, our challenge was to playfully introduce students to biodiversity, genetic mutation and natural selection.

Our response

TyrAnt is an ant-based Real Time Strategy game. It teaches the player how ants eat, communicate and reproduce within a diverse and delicately balanced ecosystem. Players decide how best to develop their colony of ‘Foragers’, who collect valuable food resource, and Soldiers, who defend territory. A documentary-style voiceover and visual treatment adds drama and depth by narrating the story of the colony’s struggle.

As players explore rich and detailed environments they encounter Soldier ants from competing colonies, threatening the player’s chance of reaching the all-important nuptial flight. Genetic mutations see each ant caste become increasingly specialised and every new game starts in a new nest with the next generation of ants. Mastering the game means mastering the true-to-life dynamics of the colony. For example, as ants navigate between leaves, they lay a pheromone trail so other ants travel more efficiently along the same route.

Given the educational context and target age range of 12 and 13 year olds, we focused on intuitive touch controls, high production values and a simple mechanic that can be played again and again. We soon saw the potential of multiplayer battles and now students can play live against friends across different seasons and terrain maps. The Mushroom level is a warren of tight alleyways while the Dog Bowl level throws it wide open, requiring quick thinking and smart use of resources.

TyrAnt touches a broad range of themes from the US Life Sciences curriculum and was developed in close collaboration with Amplify’s curriculum team and the Myrmecologist, Ms Antonia Forster (BSc, MSc). The game has been rolled out to a number of US schools as part of the Amplify pilot programme.

The Results

  • Nominations

    Games for Change - Best Gameplay (2014)
    TIGA - Game with a Purpose (2013)