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Financial literacy, entrepreneurship and business ethics are given a shoe-themed facelift with a social twist for teens to play and share

The brief

Channel 4 Education‘s remit to help teens improve their life skills has covered a wide range of themes and skills. One of the more recent areas highlighted as being a core requirement has been financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

The challenge was to create a compelling and enduring game experience which would engage the target audience through game loops and social interaction, providing in-depth understanding of business and financial skills and the decision making that comes with them.

Our response

Footfall is a game which places the player in charge of their very own fledgling shoe shop. Aimed at a 14-19-year-old audience, the game focuses on entrepreneurship and financial literacy and is designed to demonstrate the social, environmental and financial impact of decisions made when running a small start-up business.

The aim of Footfall is to create a sustainable business through the careful management of budget and stock, the daring design of the shoes themselves and the sourcing of manufacturing. Get it right and the profits and the profile go up and up. Get it wrong and the press will have a field day and your reputation will be in tatters for using unethical materials and child labour.

Footfall features eight shoe designers and sixteen manufacturing options where you can make over 100 never-before-seen shoes designs, including the Conker loafer, Candyfloss high heels and Steam-Punk snow boots. Select and stock the perfect window display and generate sales from a trend-obsessed public.

Preloaded worked with renowned illustrator Grace Ward to design the ranges of shoes, with shoe consultancy provided by Amanda Luisa from I Can Make Shoes.

Alongside the Facebook game, a free iOS companion app ensures players keep in touch with the world of footfall wherever they are, enabling them to follow seasonal trends, check stock levels and play the ‘Catwalk’ game for bonus cash.

Footfall is a game where teens can learn business acumen and financial literacy in a vibrant and well-modelled way, showing that you don’t have to be ruthless to run a profitable business.

The Results

  • Nominations

    TIGA Awards - Social Game (2012)