Danger Mouse: Full Speed


Jump into the Mark IV and help chase down Greenback in our accessible HTML5 Danger Mouse racing game.

The brief

The BBC is the UK’s leading children’s broadcaster, reaching 58% of 6-12 year olds and 82% of 0-6s with their TV and online content each month. As children’s media consumption moves increasingly online, the BBC have committed to making substantial investment to their digital portfolio with a focus on shows and brands, which are most loved by kids.

Danger Mouse is certainly one of those beloved brands:  it’s one of the broadcasters most loved and iconic shows. The brief for Preloaded was to further extend the reach of this brand by delivering an ambitious and scalable game which would satisfy the high expectations of this passionate audience.

Alongside this innovative ambition was the strict requirement to adhere to the BBC Children’s Games Accessibility Guidelines requirements, to ensure the game can reach children with a range of skills & abilities.

The Solution

Danger Mouse: Full Speed is a frenetic racing game, inspired by the great arcade racers of the late 80’s arcade such as Outrun and Chase HQ.

The game is built around a core “race mode” and set in 3 distinct worlds,.  The player gets the chance to get behind the wheel of Danger Mouse’s infamous Mark IV, in pursuit of his arch enemies, Baron Greenback, Dr Loocifer and Quark. The Preloaded team worked directly with the series writers to ensure that the wacky characters, brand humour and art style have been authentically captured to deliver a bold extension of this brand into the game space.  

To ensure that this game met audience needs, the Preloaded development process adopted an audience-centric approach: the project started with two rounds of prototyping and user-testing to hone the gameplay ahead of starting on the full Production phase. As is critical for this target audience, there was a deep focus on creating a ‘low threshold’ experience, one that aims to remove all barriers to play and rewards curiosity. Central to the design is the slot-based racing mechanic, which delivers a compelling but forgiving experience for the broad target audience. The game also adopts best practice in its use of the minimal text and inline visual instructions.

Mindful of BBC’s commitment to browser-based games, the PlayCanvas engine was selected as our technology solution for this project, allowing us to bring 3D and WebGL gaming to the BBC audience for the first time.

The game has been conceived with further expansion in mind.  The vision is for this to be more than a standalone piece of content, but one that sustains engagement through an ambitious range of content and feature updates.

Based on feedback and play data, audiences can expect new worlds, new levels, new vehicles and new modes to hit the game in the coming months.