Head of Production

We are looking for a Head of Production to support the Operations Director and our extremely talented team of Producers to deliver quality products, while supporting business needs and targets. 

As an experienced Project Manager, you will help to ensure the integrity of our project planning and the robustness of our delivery schedules. Along with ensuring the quality of our project planning, you will also be responsible for securing the necessary resources to deliver our project pipeline.

As this role provides a uniquely holistic view on how our teams are utilised across the year you will also support the personal development of the team, helping the management team to develop the business effectively.


 Owner of the studio schedule and central organisation of all resource booking.

  • Minimise unpaid downtime by predicting unallocated resource and finding solutions to reallocate that time as effectively as possible.
  • Maintain a clear long term resource plan to help the management team to plan as far ahead as possible.
  • Maintain a good understanding of overall capacity and identify solutions for changes in requirements, when needed.
  • Balance project priorities against operational needs (e.g. from minimising Freelance spends to helping to spread team holidays evenly across the year).
  • Maintain accurate forecasts of all Third Party and Freelance spend with weekly reports to the Operations Director.

Management of all external project spending, including:

  • Arranging all freelance / supplier contracts and confidentiality agreements.
  • Overseeing the appropriate archiving of all supplier deliverables to ensure these have been received and accepted by key stakeholders.

Monitoring and support for all Preloaded delivery schedules:

  • Senior guidance and troubleshooting for delivery challenges.
  • Coordinating schedule adjustments across all projects to help find solutions for business / delivery risks.
  • Leading mitigation plans for major delivery risks (both on individual projects and across the business).

Business Development

  • Facilitation of pitches (making resources available, ensuring that they run smoothly and on time)
  • Supporting senior pitch team to find creative solutions for scaling projects to target budgets and project constraints.
  • Ensuring all pitches are logistically robust (appropriately estimated and achievable with project restraints) before submission.

Support to Operations Director / Board

  • Helping prepare monthly Utilization reports for Board review
  • Reporting on spending habits for Freelance and Third Parties, suggesting potential cost savings, where relevant.
  • Logistical management of all recruitment e.g. establishing and maintaining relationships with our ‘little black book’ of contractors, processing CV application and arranging interviews.
  • Collation and shortlisting of candidates (from graduate schemes to freelancers) for consideration with department heads / project producers

Required skills

Delivering complex games with purpose to quality we do, within fixed budgets and schedules, while collaborating with a client hard! Therefore although a proficiency in managing the games lifecycle is an advantage, our priority is that you have experience of working in this type of environment working on similar projects (e.g. web or mobile toys).

  • Minimum 5 years experience in a digital / game production role (must include web, mobile & tablet), in a commission based environment (i.e. requiring close collaboration with paying clients).
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Complete familiarity with the Production cycle - including briefing, estimating, risk management, project control and client collaboration / management - covering a wide range of project sizes (from 1 month / £20k to 1 year / £500k+).
  • Extremely proficient in standard Project Management software (e.g. MS Project or Merlin, Excel / Google Spreadsheets) and online tools (e.g. Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker).

Bonus skills (one or more please)

  • Understanding and appreciation of the commercial aspects of the games industry.
  • First and foremost we want a talented and passionate Head of Production. Although its not essential, you'll definitely enjoy your job a lot more if you have a genuine love of play and gaming.

The application process

Please contact working@preloaded.com, detailing your interest and relevant experience. Potential candidates will be notified via email and be required to attend a face-to-face interview.

Please note that this position is only open to EU citizens.

(Definitely no recruitment agencies!)