Games for health

We make games offering new possibilities in patient diagnosis, treatment adherence, rehabilitation and behaviour change. Developed alongside health care professionals and clinicians using the latest wearable sensors, cameras and haptic technology for games which change lives.

Why games for health? The evidence

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    30% increase

    Working memory and attention span improvement of elderly patients after 15 hours of gameplay in a BBC trial

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    57% decrease

    A US study shows reduced symptoms of depression for participants who played casual games

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    2.5 million

    Images of breast cancer cells identified in Cell Slider, a game for Cancer Research UK

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    15 years in 15 days

    Gamers solved an AIDS protein problem in 15 days that puzzled scientists for 15 years

A game to change the world


The fate of humanity is in your hands with our tactile science-based survival game

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Why games should matter in the Health sector

One of the fastest growing areas of games industry is the development of games for more than just entertainment. Harnessing the power of games for alternative purposes - for education, training, communication or social change - is something we're very…

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