Games for education

We make learning games for organisations who want to reach and inspire new audiences. From curricula and systems thinking to moral reasoning and life skills, our games promote curiosity and engagement on the player's terms.

Why games for education? The evidence

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    55% of teachers

    use games in the classroom on a weekly basis

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    23% better

    Children who play video games score 23% higher in creative tasks than non-players

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    90% retention

    In a study comparing active learning, students recalled 90% of their intended knowledge through a simulation

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    97% of ALL kids

    play computer and video games, making simulation a smart way to keep students engaged in the classroom


Crafty Cut

A handy puzzle game packed with levels to help students get to grips with the geometry of 2D and 3D shapes

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How to fail (and succeed) with digital / physical play

This year’s toy fairs again showed an industry in hot pursuit of products that adeptly transcend digital and physical play, and whilst high profile failures are worthy of reflection it is still very much an area with heavy investment and…

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