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Zero Threat: How we did it

By David Arnold

Cyber security is a global issue and this post is about the design thinking behind our latest Game with Purpose, created not for gamers, but workplace professionals young and old…

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The Universe in an inkspot

By Manuel Harari

Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’ is one of the most important books of the 20th century and for very good reasons. It helps us understand fundamental questions of…

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Superbugs: a game to save the world

By Phil Stuart

The Longitude Prize is a 5-year long challenge with a £10 million prize fund, run by innovation charity Nesta. It aims to help find a solution to one of today’s…

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Adopting a product approach

By Ben Templeton

In 2014 we wrote about iBeacons and, judging on the response, the promise of this technology clearly captured the imagination of museums, galleries and science centres around the world. Two…

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The art of TyrAnt

By Art Team

TyrAnt is an ant-based Real Time Strategy game. This post is all about how the Preloaded Art Team brought the world of leafcutter ants to life. Visit the TyrAnt Game page…

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The making of Rugged Rovers

By Jon Reid

Over the course of the past year, we’ve been busy creating an interactive installation for the Science Museum’s Engineer Your Future exhibition which opens to the public on the 17th…

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February’s mini jam

By Phil Stuart

At Preloaded we occasionally find ourselves with some time in which we can create something outside the normal constraints of project work. Last week we had two days to create…

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Game localisation checklist

By Cameron Yule

With the hyper-competitive nature of mobile gaming and web portals, there's never been a better time to expand your potential audience internationally by localising your games. To help make that…

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Secrets of a technical artist (Part 2)

By Jamie Niman

Welcome back to secrets of a technical artist, today I will take you through our art pipeline, and I’ll be showing you some of the tools I’ve created to simplify…

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