Venture into deep ocean in pursuit of the rarest fish and improved cognitive health.

The brief

Cognition is the ability to think, learn, react and remember. It is the brain’s fitness and can be improved just as you would your physical fitness in a gym. The opportunities for games to make a difference during a child’s formative years, or in the professional workplace, are profound. Cognitive training could also reduce the impact of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

MyCognition is on a mission to measure and improve cognitive health. Working in close collaboration with their neuroscience and clinical psychiatry experts, we were asked to create a multi-platform game for commercial release and for use in the treatment of specific medical conditions.

Our response

AquaSnap casts the player as an underwater photographer exploring deep ocean in pursuit of the rarest and most beautiful sea creatures.

Taking underwater photographs is quick and intuitive, requiring a single press or tap on the screen. After every dive, all photos are presented to the player to be ‘sold’. Every fish has a rarity which informs how much it is worth and the quality of the photograph also affects their value, rewarding the player for strong underwater performance. Above water, a meta-game focuses on managing the ’sale’ of photographs, collecting the proceeds and strategically choosing new dive locations from large map.

The game embodies one of our key games with purpose design principles – aligning the winning strategy with the purpose of the game. In AquaSnap, achieving good photos is analogous with performing well in the cognitive training loops, making a player’s game motivation and cognitive improvement one and the same.

Before using the game, players complete a MyCQ assessment which measures their competency across five domains: executive function, attention, working memory, episodic memory and psychomotor speed. This performance then determines the frequency and depth of training to be initially used in the game. Once in play, every player interaction is measured, making this a truly adaptive cognitive training experience.

AquaSnap has undergone clinical trials in Cambridge and Amsterdam and will be released public in Summer 2016. New training loops will be added over time, created in collaboration with MyCognition’s team of experts.

"There are very few game studios that could deliver a clinically robust cognitive training system. Preloaded did just that, then made it adaptive, then wrapped in a beautiful and immersive game. Their reputation precedes them, and for good reason."

Keiron Sparrowhawk, Founder, Chairman and CEO, MyCognition