Adventure Cards

(British Museum)

Play, pose, hunt and discuss your way through the museum in a heads-up, social game for families.


6.8 million people visited the British Museum in 2015. As part of an an exciting new digital strategy, Britain’s most visited attraction selected Preloaded to overhaul their Family Multimedia Guide.

The brief was to create a social game inspired by the history of humanity that encourages family members to interact with each other as well as the British Museum’s incredible collection.


Our reimagining of the Family Guide takes its inspiration from popular group games like Family Fortunes, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. It invites families to explore the museum and complete Adventure Cards through playful activities at each stop. Players take it in turns to be the Game Master, deciding where to go, what to play and most important of all, which family members win the points. The game ends by awarding every player a personalised souvenir card to email home.

The card-based aesthetic makes the game quick to pick up and play, provides structure for the visit if required and remains flexible enough to complement free-form exploration. Gameplay is designed to develop social skills, surprise players with interesting facts and offer variation that appeals to different family preferences. Pose is a physical challenge, while Quiz and Imagine encourage intellectual and creative engagement.

Key to the success of the game was understanding existing audience behaviour. Visitors typically refer to Wikipedia or knowledgeable group members for insight, so Adventure Cards builds on this dynamic. A rotating Game Master is given the tools and the power to facilitate play. Early prototype testing confirmed our instincts and this social dynamic has become the heart of the game.

With the game rules and editorial guide in place, all content is driven by a content management system. This robust workflow allows the game to be easily localised and gives the museum the tools to expand the experience and add value over time, setting a new benchmark for sustainable games.

As a commercial product, the museum benefits from the spectacle it creates, attracting interest from non-playing families and empowering players to publicly show the organisation’s fun side. Battery life optimisation and reducing the friction of device rental were also critical. An RFID-powered approach means service staff can simply swipe to reset and swipe again to load up the game.

Adventure Cards will continue to be updated as part of the British Museum’s bold, audience-focussed innovation strategy and Preloaded are thrilled to be adding our expertise to the mix.