Games Producer

  • Location: Central London
  • Salary: Competitive salary

Job specification

As a Producer, you perform one of the most important roles in our business.

Preloaded is doing some very exciting things, and needs someone special to join the team. You are an enthusiastic Games Producer, bringing a track record of creating games and a keen interest – and preferably experience – in delivering games for mobile deployment.

You are a project management expert: responsible for leading the entire project process.  You will make sure projects are kept on track and provided with the resources and attention they need at all times. Therefore adaptability is an important quality to your approach.

You will also bring lots of experience and a demonstrable interest in professional client service, working closely and proactively with all project stakeholders to ensure they have enough visibility to be able to make well informed decisions at all times.


  • Managing Director: Line Manager
  • Producers: Working within the production team, sharing knowledge, information and best practice.
  • Clients: Managing a close and collaborative working relationship, and ensuring client satisfaction at the same time as the integrity of the process.
  • Senior Management: Working directly with the senior management team.


Client Management

  • You will be the key contact for all interaction with the client on your project
  • It will be your responsibility to give the client visibility on progress with key deliverables, report any blockers and advise if more budget is required.
  • You will have experience of working collaboratively with clients, knowing when to accommodate client changes and when to push back robustly
  • Ensure there is clear and formal budget sign off from all clients, including an agreed payment schedule.
  • Actively engage and support clients, encouraging them to collaborate as effectively as possible.
  • Provide a clear cost estimate to allow you and the team to interrogate the feasibility of any proposal, prior to sharing externally with clients
  • Ensure that client reviews, amend rounds and other project management related tasks are also adequately provided for at the point of estimating.
  • All communications to clients should provide the appropriate context, protecting Preloaded by ensuring client expectations are set appropriately.
  • For high risk projects, create and maintain a risk register capturing the key risks, their potential impact and back up plans. This should be a collaborative document shared between all key stakeholders.
  • If and when change does occur, it is your responsibility to minimise any negative impact for client relationships, team morale and the project margin.

Planning and Project Management

  • Provide an organised project plan, ahead of time, in order to secure project resources.
  • You will work in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies with a team from a mixture of creative backgrounds (including web, installations, mobile and console).
  • Keep the project team up to date at all times on changing requirements, and where those requirements affect pricing, then escalate to the Mgt Team.
  • Be adaptive and retain control of your plan – whether you predict change or it’s sprung on you, you are responsible for proposing a plan B.
  • Manage the team’s day to day activity, but also ensure the team own their responsibilities to meet the requirements of your Producer role.
  • Share regular written status updates with all project stakeholders, providing a valuable paper trail and ensuring that nothing falls off the radar.
  • Keep clear and up to date project schedules at all times.
  • Ensure all costs are clear, accurate and accompanied by an easy to understand checklist of deliverables (including any relevant assumptions and caveats).

Accurate Management of Costs

  • Maintain clear, accurate and timely project reconciliation throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Ensure your project invoices are raised correctly and on time.

Issue Resolution

  • Escalate issues to relevant stakeholders, internally or externally, ideally with suggested solutions.
  • Strive to maintain team morale and respect for one another, avoiding the team or client dividing as much as possible.

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